November 7, 2007

The integrated marketing communications blog

Following up on a piece earlier this year, I just published a Monash Letter called “Online Marketing Shortcuts.” As always, it’s proprietary to Monash Advantage members, but I’ll share one key idea here. That’s the integrated marcom blog, which is pretty much the single most efficient thing a marcom department can do to communicate multiple messages to multiple audiences. Here’s a brief excerpt from the Letter:

Marcom does a lot of different things. But most of it can be categorized as the dissemination of four kinds of information and opinion:

  1. Customer success evidence – since everybody cares a lot.

  2. Technical strategy and theory – especially for high-end evaluators and influencers.

  3. Technical facts – for anybody who cares.

  4. Other kinds of facts and news (e.g. events, major executive hirings, awards, etc.) — in case anybody cares.

By a combination of original articles and pointers to pre-existing resources, one blog can provide major help in all four areas.

Most important, a marcom blog gives many opportunities to enhance customer success story-telling. For example, you can:

  • Call attention to stories you publish or place elsewhere (on your own sites, in the media, whatever).
  • Add detail and context to the stories you publish elsewhere.
  • Follow up when there are deployments or expanded usage at previously announced customers.
  • Summarize customer stories presented in conference speeches.
  • Allude to customer stories you’re not allowed to publish in full standard multi-page success story formats.
  • Aggregate information about groups of customers – e.g., ten installations over 50 terabytes or 15 sales to retail/CPG.
  • Point to information your customers themselves reveal.


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