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June 10, 2008

Is text analytics a good technology career path for humanities majors?

One of the major dilemmas facing a group of people we all know is: How can humanities majors make money? Sure, they can become lawyers. And they can join the tech industry and write documentation. But what else?

Well, what about text analytics? Much of what I know about natural language processing (NLP) I learned from my friend Sharon Flank, who I met when she was a Slavic Linguistics PhD student at Harvard. My partner in first figuring out search engines — and later in running Elucidate — was my wife Linda Barlow, a 15-times-published novelist who’s also taught English at the college level. And Olivier Jouve’s education is in paleontology, although whether or not that’s a humanity is a sort of borderline definitional issue.

So I ask you all: Is text analytics a fruitful area for humanities majors to find lucrative careers? All insight would be appreciated. If the news is good enough, I’ll do my part in publicizing it to university placement offices and the like. Read more

July 20, 2007

Job posting — TEMIS is hiring consultants

TEMIS is a French company, with US headquarters in the US, as befits a company whose strongest vertical market is pharmaceuticals. I offered to put up a couple of job postings for them. (Nice of me — TEMIS isn’t even a client yet!) Here goes. Read more

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