August 25, 2008

Evidently I’m a social media expert too. Who knew?

Network World asked me to do an online chat. That isn’t surprising. What’s surprising is that they asked me to focus on social media. My views on social media boil down to:

The long form of my views on social media — with a little data warehousing thrown in — may be found here.

In somewhat related news, Jason Fry of the Wall Street Journal showed his exquisite good sense by quoting me carefully about online presence, and expanding upon my points at length.


One Response to “Evidently I’m a social media expert too. Who knew?”

  1. Daniel Weinreb on September 1st, 2008 10:56 pm

    There’s another danger. If you sell Spiffy Soap and set up a blog or wiki open to the public, you might find criticism, some of it severe, of your own product on your own web site. That’s not necessarily bad, as long as you’re prepared for it and know how to handle it. There’s some great discussion of this in the book “Groundswell”, which I recommend. [Full disclosure: one of the two co-authors, Josh Bernoff, is a friend of mine.]

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