March 15, 2008

MuseGlobal – ETL for text, sort of

Lynda Moulton introduced me to MuseGlobal, and specifically CEO Kate Noerr, last month. MuseGlobal sort of does ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) for text, although they prefer to call it Gather/Transform/Deliver. In any case, each of the three parts of the process are rather different for text than they are for traditional data warehousing. To wit:

The original market for MuseGlobal’s technology was scientific and professional publishers, but they’ve gotten into more general news and blog document handling as well. They also sell to enterprises. Mark Logic and Endeca are among their partners; in each case, MuseGlobal does the preprocessing. Indeed, MuseGlobal usually sells on an OEM basis, exceptions coming most commonly when they want to establish references in a new market segment.

As to MuseGlobal’s own dates and other facts: The company was founded in 2001, but technology development had been going on for 2-3 years prior. Headcount is around 70, and growing by 20% or so this year. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, with support in Salt Lake City. It has been self-funded all the way.

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