December 31, 2007

I’m getting mailbombed again

Shortly after my first reference to Shoemoney’s DMOZ issues — who did you think I meant with “shoe in his mouth“? — I got mailbombed big time. Things calmed down after a month or so, although I did change web hosting companies in the fallout.

Starting Christmas Eve — which coincidentally was shortly after a forum mention of various Shoemoney flaps, and of the first attack — I got hit again. And there was another wave right after Christmas. A fair amount of email was lost forever, possibly both professional and personal. My blogs also were down for a while, as were other sites on the same server. (And if you sent me any email over that time period, please resend it.)

It seems that I should move my email/MX record to a different service than hosts my websites, perhaps one that has invested in technology to efficiently deflect DDOS attacks. (Or perhaps I should move one domain with it, if a traditional hosting deal seems best.) Does anybody have any recommendations of such services?

Simply switching to Gmail or something wouldn’t seem to suffice; the domain that’s getting hit would still come under attack, and for historical reasons I can’t shut down its email completely.

Thank you, and Happy New Year!


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