October 23, 2007

FeedBlitz search is totally fried

If you take our integrated feed — and you should* — and you happen to pick the email option, that’s delivered via FeedBlitz. I subscribe myself, of course, and today I happened to check the option “Search Monash Information Services” (Monash Information Services is the name of the feed). That goes to this search page.

*That’s what this link is for. Or this one.

Curious to see how results compared to those from our own cross-site search, I tried a search on a company I write a lot about, namely “Netezza.” Nothing came up. Then I tried “Attensity.” Ditto. And “text mining”. Still nothing. In fact, there aren’t even any results on “Monash”.

I think some repairs may be in order …


2 Responses to “FeedBlitz search is totally fried”

  1. Melissa Bradshaw on October 24th, 2007 4:34 pm

    The problem here is that it’s searching what it THINKS is the site where the feed is located. In reality, it’s searching Feedjumbler, the site we’re using to create the integrated feed.

    Unfortunately, Feedblitz doesn’t provide a way to specify what site to search. I’ll investigate other solutions, but in the mean time people will need to use http://www.monash.com/search.html, which will search all the feeds as well as the main web site.

    Melissa (designer for monash.com)

  2. Melissa Bradshaw on November 1st, 2007 1:36 pm

    UPDATE: I contacted Feedblitz tech support about the issue and was impressed with their responsiveness. Unfortunately, they were not able to redirect the search link, but they were able to remove it from the emails.

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