August 3, 2007

More on text processing in CEP

StreamBase isn’t the only complex event/stream processing (CEP) vendor doing text processing. Progress Apama is as well. Stemming, fuzzy matching, and so on seem to happen all the time. But there’s also at least one case where they flat-out do sentiment analysis.  Edit:  I presume this is in the investment market, as that’s where most of Progress Apama’s business is.

That’s about all the detail I could muster. When we discussed this, we talked past each other a fair amount. It’s clear they’ve thought about direct analytic integration and also about how text and tabular data could work together side-by-side. But I didn’t get the impression their otherwise top-of-the-line technology-consuming customers were doing everything with text analytics that the technology makes available.

Perhaps a partnership with a tokenization OEM would stand Apama in good stead.


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