February 3, 2007

Please switch to my back-up e-mail address

At least for the moment.

monash.com e-mail has been turned off by my hosting company, due to what they claim is a still on-going attack. My backup address, however — FirstnameLastname@domain.com, where domain = dbms2 — is working fine. And my e-mail client traditionally checks them at the same time. So I suggest switching, at least for the moment.

Both are through the same hosting company (Hostgator, which I aspire to replace in the immediate future, given that I also lost admin access to the blogs on two separate occasions this week, and given that support claims over half my e-mails are unreadably empty and hence suitable for being ignored, despite me never having that problem elsewhere). Thus, for other kinds of problems there might be a single point of failure. But in this case, the dbms2 address is a working alternative to the standard one.


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