January 26, 2007

FAST said to be pursuing BI

Dave Kellogg thinks FAST will be ineffective and defocused because of its efforts in business intelligence. I can’t comment on whether that analysis is brilliant, self-serving, or both, because anything I’ve been told on the subject is under embargo.

Embargos were a crucial PR tactic when Regis McKenna exploited them for the original rollout of the Macintosh in 1984. But I suspect that in many cases they’ve quite outlived their usefulness. If I wait between the time I’m briefed and the time the embargo is up to write something, my thoughts about it get fuzzy. If I write something at the time and put it on ice, it may be obsolete because of what other people write in the mean time.

More and more, if something is embargoed, I wind up not writing about it at all.

EDIT: Point #4 of my post on the mismatch between relational databases and text search is pretty relevant here.


One Response to “FAST said to be pursuing BI”

  1. Text Technologies»Blog Archive » What’s interesting about the FAST venture in BI on February 1st, 2007 8:49 pm

    […] FAST is annoying me a bit these days. It’s nothing serious, but travel schedule screw-up’s, an annoying embargo, and a screw-up in the annoying embargo have all hit at once. So I’ll keep this telegraphic and move on to other subjects. […]

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