November 17, 2006

Site and feed changes coming soon

We’re going to upgrade access to our research in various cool ways in the near future.

Right now, please bear with me in what is essentially a test post. In theory, I’ve switched the feeds here over to Feedburner. Now I’m going to test if that really has happened.

EDIT:  That didn’t work.  I’m going to put things back the way they were.


One Response to “Site and feed changes coming soon”

  1. Francesco Sclano on November 20th, 2006 6:11 pm

    Hi everybody!
    TermExtractor, my master thesis, is online at the

    TermExtractor is a FREE and high-performing software package for Terminology
    Extraction. The software helps a web community to
    extract and validate relevant domain terms in their
    interest domain, by submitting an archive of
    domain-related documents in any format
    (txt, pdf, ps, dvi, tex, doc, rtf, ppt, xls, xml,
    html/htm, chm, wpd and also zip archives.)

    TermExtractor extracts terminology consensually
    referred in a specific application domain. The
    software takes as input a corpus of domain documents,
    parses the documents, and extracts a list of
    “syntactically plausible” terms (e.g. compounds,
    adjective-nouns, etc.).
    Documents parsing assigns a greater importance
    to terms with text layouts (title, bold, italic,
    underlined, etc.). Two entropy-based measures, called
    Domain Relevance and Domain Consensus, are then used.
    Domain Consensus is used to select only the terms
    which are consensually referred throughout the corpus
    documents. Domain Relevance to select only the terms
    which are relevant to the domain of interest, Domain
    Relevance is computed with reference to a set of
    contrastive terminologies from different domains.
    Finally, extracted terms are further filtered using
    Lexical Cohesion, that measures the degree of
    association of all the words in a terminological

    Francesco Sclano
    home page:
    skype: francesco978

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